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Markos the Airport Dog

Markos, a large black and white male, adopted Corfu Airport as his home. The people working at the airport, especially the cleaners, and taxi drivers, adopted him as well and take care of him. (A really good example that there are Greeks who care about dogs.)  His favorite spot is at the entrance to the departure hall where it is nice and cool. Unfortunately, Markos was badly injured, probably in a fight with other males over a female dog. Ssomeone very kindly took the initiative to call a vet and he has been treated. But for some time Markos is going to need more 'nursing' care, so at present The Ark is taking care of him. As soon as he is fit again he will be back in his favourite spot at the airport.

Here are some photos from the first day Markos was taken from 'his' ariport to a place were he can recover from his injuries.

  • People working at the airport showed their concern about Markos' situation and made a collection towards his initial treatment. They managed to raise almost 130 euros.
  • Some members of the airport management helped to get Markos into a car and he was taken to the vet who had seen him a few days before.
  • The vet was happy that Markos will be cared for during the next few weeks, so he will have a better chance to recupurate from the injuries to his neck and the badly infected wound oin his ear. He left with a supply of injections and pills.
  • Another car journey to his temporary home and a safe place on a fenced veranda. He met some his new neighbours.
  • His ear needs special attention and needs cleaning with betadine scrub a few times each day. His pills are hidden inside pieces of chicken!

That was his first day out of the airport, a big change for our Markos, who we hope will be soon be better. If you want to support Markos, send him an email, leave a donation at our Charity Shop in Corfu Town or contact us to learn how you can send a donation towards his treatment.

Further coverage of Markos' recovery.

  • He has discovered that his box is comfortable to lie in and is eating his food, drinking well and enjoying short walks outside.
  • He has allowed us to give him injections of antibiotics in his back leg and swallowed his pills with a piece of meatball. Having his ear cleaned with betadine scrub is not his favourite, but he lets it happen.
  • In the daytime he is inside with the air-conditioning and in the evening he goes out onto the veranda. He seems to have adapted to his new surroundings amazingly quickly.
  • This afternoon he was sitting and while being stroked he suddenly offered his paw. Let's hope his ear is getting better, but it is still very swollen (and smelly) - we will contact the vet again about this.
  • Markos has received his first email, from Sandra, wishing him all the best. Markos is quie a character and surely must have a whole caring fan club supporting him.

  • Markos is getting used to his new routine - at night on the covered fenced veranda in his basket and during the daytime indoors with some other dogs enjoying the air-conditioning.
  • He goes outside for a walk from time to time.
  • He likes his food and the other dogs respect his food bowl. He takes his medicine hidden in a piece of meatball and seems to be in a rather good mood.
  • He has dicovered that chairs can also be comfortable for dogs, but he is willng to share it with the smaller dogs. The cats are not interested in him, neither he in them.
  • We think he would love to be in the other garden with more of the dogs, but with his infected ear we do not want to risk it getting dirty and becoming worse. Yesterday a vet visited some of the other dogs, so he had a look to Markos as well. He has hopes that the ear can be saved but we need to continue with stronger antibiotics.
  • Today we visited the airport and the people working there told me that they had collected another 58.90 euros for Markos, making a total so far of 188.71 euros. Markos, they all love and care for you. And when you offer your paw we are sure it's meant for everyone who has helped you!

  • Markos has received his first visitor from the airport. Spiros from Pandair came to see the 'patient'. Markos responded immediately and welcomed him with a big paw. He got some nice dog food and another generous donation - almost 230 euros has now been raised for Markos.
  • Markos is gettingf on well with the other dogs and from time to time he goes for a walk in the front garden and comes back, like at the airport, to cool off inside where it's air-conditioned. He has discovered that dog beds and chairs are comfortable to lie on, especially the chair in front of the TV!
  • He enjoys offereing his paw to all of us. Above you can see Markos with Esther, a volunteer from Holland, and two other dogs.
  • Markos ear is getting a bit better and the swelling has gone down a little, but still hurts him so it will take some more time.
  • If all goes well we are planning to take Markos to the airport on Saturday morning so he won't forget where he belongs. Give him a big welcome if you see him!
  • Markos has been taken back to vitit the airport where he was first welcomed by the car park attendants. He was on a lead and walked to the Departures hall, where he went straight away and laid down between the two doors - his favorite place! Of course he caught the attention of the airport staff who all were happy to see that he is making good progress. When it was time to leave, he was a bit hesitant to leave HIS ariport, but he is now OK in the house and the garden, although he is not too keen on the cats! We hope his ear will soon be better and then he will be the "King of the Airport" again.
  • Markos is getting a lot better, he is more lively - which means he is getting more sure of himself - and starting to cause trouble with the house cats who are more than used to dogs.
  • As well as discovering dog baskets and chairs he has now discovered the large kennel. He really seems to like it and prefers to sleep in the kennel.
  • His ear is getting so much better, not so swollen but stil huring him. One of these days he will visit the vet again, but his return to the airport is not far away now.

  • Markos went in the car to the vet to assess his progress. The vet was very happy with Markos' ear and his whole appearance. He gave us some eardrops and told us to continue with the antibiotics. He is very hopefull Markos wont lose his ear. Hopefully, as soon as Markos is fully recovered he can go back to his ariport.
  • After the visit to the vet we took Markos to the airport again. He walked happily into the Departure hall wagging his tail and was greeted by the airport staff.
  • He then went back to the car park and off in the car for a short walk close to the airport near Mouse Island.
  • Unfortunately Markos is doing less well. He had an argument with one of the dogs (Markos started it) and we had to quickly separate them. Markos' injured ear started bleeding a lot. We managed to stop the bleeding by putting a bandage firmly around it and took him to the vet.
  • The vet had a good look and was not too worried about it but the next day Markos didn't want to eat and in the afternoon he vomited all the water he had been drinking. After consulting the vet we decided not to feed him the next day and we gave him some medication to calm his stomach.
  • He has since eaten a little cooked chicken and some chicken broth but one can see he is not the old Markos. So another visit to the vet is scheduled and we hope to have some better news soon.
  • Having not been well - not eating and if vomiting if he did eat something, despite the medicine - Markos went back to the vet. Blood was taken to get more information and the results indicated leishmaniasis which is unfortunately quite common in the area of around the airport.
  • The heartworm was at an early stage and has hopefully been treated with an injection. It later came out that his kidneys and liver are fine.
  • His stomach is still bothering him so we continued not to give him any food or drink for a day and continued the injections.
  • Yesterday he seemed to be a bit more interested in pieces of boiled chicken breast, and during the day he ate a little and was a bit more lively.
  • Today, he looks less lively again but let's hope he gets better as the day goes on.

  • In just a few days Markos has got much better. He likes his food, but he is rather choosy. His favourite is soft kitten food - ordinary dog biscuits are not for him! So let's hope, after nearly a week of hardly eating, vomiting and medication he is back on track.
  • He is especially lively if more people are around. Today he enjoyed being in the garden again and going up to the visitors. One was even honoured with his paw on their lap.
  • We are planning to go to the arrport again one of these days, so he doesn't forget where his home is. Hopefully the vet will soon say he can go back to where he loves to be.

  • Markos had another a good day. He ate quite well but he still has to gain more weight as he lost quite a lot with his stomach problem for more than a week.
  • We went to the vet for a check up and he was very happy to see Markos doing so well. When he was put on the scales he was only 20kg but looking rather good with his healthy fur. So some more days of good food will help him. He also got a special vitamin to increase his immune system.
  • After that we went for a short visit to the airport. He quickly jumped out of the car and went into the departure hall, his teritory. He met his white and brown friend - all tails were wagging.
  • Some of the airport staff gave him a welcome and were very happy to hear that if all goes well the plan is to return Markos back to his airport on Friday morning.
  • It will be arranged so that he will get his medication morning and evening, as this is essential for his health. So fingers crossed for his quick return.

  • Markos is back at his airport exactly four weeks after he left his favourite place between the entrance doors at Departures. During the last week he has been much better, after that bad week of stomach disorder and not wanting to eat. He had his last meal at his temporary home and then got into the car to go to the airport where he was welcomed by the car park attendants. Then we went for a coffee where he got the new tag for his collar - Airport Markos and our phone number in English and Greek.
  • After that it was time to see were he wanted to go, and yes, he led us straight to his spot near the entrance to the departure hall, where he resolutely lay down. He didn't even want to move to get some food.
  • Although it was a Friday, the busiest day of the week at the airport, lots of people came to welcome him back.
  • Markos still needs his medication but Spiros from Pandair will make sure that he gets his pills on time. Thank you Spiros - and everybody else who has helped Markos to get well enough to return, especially the people from Swissport have supported him all the time.
  • So the airport's mascot is back. We have to remember that Markos is an old gentleman, he must be around 12 years old accorfding to people who have seen him around for years, but let's hope that he has some good years still to come.
  • Tourists at the airport can see that some in Corfu have a different attitude towards animals. Markos is an example that there are a lot of Greek people who care about dogs despite, unfortunatelly, many examples in Corfu and Greece of animal abuse and maltreatment.
  • Markos, we hope you have many years of good health ahead of you.